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At Montesanco we work on 40 hectares of old grapevines on slope located in the town of Requena (Valencia). The plots are situated among beautiful woods, olive groves and almond trees in the pre- natural park of “Hoces del Cabriel”.
As vintners and wine makers, we look for the most honest possible expression of the varieties Bobal and Macabeo planted by our ancestors, by establishing an unspoken pact with the territory and the origins; a tacit pact which evokes genuine stories that can express the singularities of the landscape through the wine.

Origins. Casa de la Viña

Fidel García Berlanga, the grandfather of the Spanish film maker Luis García Berlanga, born in Camporrobles in 1859, built the CASA DE LA VIÑA winery in 1882 with a manor house where wine was already produced from its 500 Hectares of surrounding vineyards.

He became the mayor of Utiel and in 1894 was named President of the “Diputación Provincial “, the county council of Valencia. In this post he became distinguished for his campaigns in defense of the interests of Valencian wine growers.

Bobal,the ambassador of a territory

Bobal is a great variety of red grapes with its natural habitat in the Mediterranean, specifically in the Community of Valencia, in the territories under the umbrella of the designation of origin Utiel-Requena. It is the native variety in our area and it is rich in nuances.

In order to respect the natural environment and to guarantee the excellent quality of the grapes, at Montesanco we always harvest manually, after tasting the grapes to verify the correct ripeness.

Macabeo, or the delicate “viura”

White Macabeo grapes were introduced in “La Rioja” after the phylloxera epidemic, but they were acclimated in the Community of Valencia over 100 years ago to produce delicately fragranced wines.

TEMPRANILLO or the Mediterranean version of a classic.

It has been worth the effort to vinify our lot of over 60 year old Tempranillo separately, so that we can enjoy the new balsamic and Mediterranean nuances with which we enhance the well known classic character of the most familiar Spanish variety .

A clay-limestone soil is characteristic of our vineyards with low production but with a high level of quality.

The soils have a frank texture, that is, with a balance between sand and clay which facilitates drainage when there is abundant rain and water retention in dry periods .


The climate in Montesanco vineyards is Mediterranean continental, warm summers with temperatures during the day above 30º and even occasionally up to 40º, but with night time temperatures never above 18º, and rigorous winters with several days of -10º temperatures and occasional snow, all of which corresponds with a continental climate. Rainfall is irregular, between 420 and 520 liters per square meter with dry periods in summer and rainy springs and autumns, which likens it to the Mediterranean pattern..

Artisans of land:

100% organic and biodynamic agriculture

A great wine is the reflection of the land where it was born. This is why we practice dryland farming following the criteria of biodynamics and raising the vineyards without herbicides or pesticides, only with natural elements.

Biodynamic agriculture is a growing system whose priority is the balance of the ecosystem and biodiversity in the vineyard.

From an essentially biologic point of view, biodynamics offers us the possibility of producing wines that are respectful with the land where they originate.

Natural treatments

Medicinal plants among the grapevines.

Faithful to a unique commitment to farm the land respectfully to obtain natural fruits which are expressive and rich in nuances, we grow the vines applying plant extracts made from cola de caballo, nettles and chamomile.

We use these medicinal herbs by means of infusions, decoctions and macerations, to regulate the presence of fungi and to stimulate the defenses of the vine stock.

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