Origins. Abiar Alta

Old raisin dryer

Montesanco Teulada is located on a historic estate originally dedicated to making raisins, the
Abiar Alta farm, referring in Arabic to the numerous wells that existed there.
“Riurau” complex and the old elements that were used to dry the grapes have been
recovered and restored, maintaining the essence of their origins. 

The 19th century was the period of greatest splendor for the raisin industry in the Marina Alta, until at the beginning of the 20th century, the phylloxera plague, and later the appearance of more competitive raisin forced growers in the region to replace the vineyards with other crops.

An environment full of history and culture that brings this new project to life; ; integrating in the same space the respect for the history and culture of the
Marina Alta, with the state of the art present of our winery, Montesanco Teulada.


Commitment to respect the landscape

A space for landscape, agricultural and cultural recovery that adapts respecting the topography and develops harmoniously with nature, creating a perfect environment for calm and enjoyment.

Montesanco Teulada is surrounded by a lush Mediterranean forest from which you can enjoy incomparable views of the terraced vineyard and the different Mediterranean crops, the valley and even the Mediterranean Sea. A perfect environment to enjoy wine tourism experiences.<ahref=”%20https:”” enoturismo-teulada=”” “=””> experiencias enoturísticas. </ahref=”%20https:>


A special terroir 

Abiar Alta is a farm with 19 hectares of calcareous soil with limestone, 12 of them cultivated with vineyards, 4 of which are over 60 years old. It is located at an average altitude of 216 meters, on a hillside of terraced vineyards

At Montesanco Teulada we grow the native Moscatel, Garnacha Blanca and Giró grapes, with an ecological and biodynamic philosophy, respecting the natural environment and maintaining a lively landscape.

A special terroir with great expressiveness that is characterized by its minerality and proximity to the Mediterranean Sea, providing salinity and complexity to our wines. 



Fresh with a Mediterranean influence

Just 10 km from the sea, our property is characterized by its continental climate with great Mediterranean influence: cold winters and hot, dry summers with little rainfall.

The location and north orientation of the farm and the influence of the sea make it fresh and airy, creating a perfect environment for growing our vines and making the winery’s first wine, Món Moscatel. Món Moscatel..

Bodega Montesanco Teulada

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