True to our values

Sustainability, craftsmanship, excellence and authenticity are the values ​​that define the Montesanco philosophy. These have allowed us to establish a tacit pact with the land and history and achieve the best expression of the native varieties – Moscatel, Macabeo, Tempranillo and Bobal – from our plots, with ecological and biodynamic vineyard management. 



From our beginnings we want our two wineries to be a benchmark for sustainable projectsWith this in mind we intervene in different areas throughout the entire winemaking process and from the field, in order to pass on the best possible legacy to the next generations. 

From the practice of ecological agriculture, inspired by the biodynamic philosophy and with specific programs of historical rainwater recovery systems, photovoltaic cell panels, waste recovery programs, minimization of the carbon footprint, promotion of biodiversity, etc. . 
Time shows us that we are on the right track. 


Biodynamic agriculture is a cultivation system that prioritizes the balance of the ecosystem and biodiversity in the vineyard which gives us the possibility of making wines that are respectful with the landscape from which they originate. 
Faithful to the commitment to respectfully work the land to obtain natural, expressive and richly nuanced fruits, we cultivate the vines applying plant extracts made from horsetail, nettle and chamomile. We use these medicinal plants, through infusions, decoctions and macerations, to regulate the presence of fungi and stimulate the defenses of the strains.


Our grapes are certified organic by the CAE-CV (Organic Agriculture Committee of the Valencian Community) 
We carry out treatments within a framework of organic viticulture, opting for the minimum possible intervention in viticulture and on the application, where necessary, of organic treatments.


Traditional viticulture 

 At Montesanco we respect the know-how and knowledge of our ancestors, drawing inspiration from some of the traditional processes for the production of our artisan wines. 

A great wine is the reflection of the land  where it is born, for this reason, we practice traditional viticulture, we carry out manual harvesting, respectful pruning… This allows us to produce limited editions of unique wines in which we take care of every detail. 


Monovarietal wines from native old vineyards

We look for the best expression of each native variety – Moscatel, Giro, Garnacha Blanca, Macabeo, Tempranillo and Bobal. Vines that are over 60 years old and even a hundred-year-old pre-phylloxera vineyard are one of the great pillars on which the personality and excellence of our wines are based. 
Each one of our vineyards requires meticulous work to always achieve the optimal maturation of the grapes showing its varietal character, typicity and the personality of the terroir. 


Our own way

With these guidelines we built Montesanco whose values ​​and principles, inspired by the good work of our ancestors, guide and inspire us every day on this exciting path.

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